Get to know our playing field

Get to know our playing field with three play spaces to spare with buildings.

You can enjoy three spaces to make different games. The three playgrounds are wooded areas with oaks, in the shade ideal for playing in summer or any other season of the year. With buildings to cover and make the game more exciting.

There are few places in Mallorca where you can enjoy a large outdoor space to play paintball, which has areas perfectly adapted to the games and have trees that provide shade to play both summer and winter.

In the different playing fields, there are artificial constructions such as a “castle” with 2 floors, walled fortress of 25m, elevated tower of a shooter, different bunkers, etc.

The game zones are delimited and designed so that the games are dynamic and fast.

In addition, we have different types of weapons for different ages and needs.
The air pressure equipment for the bottles, we have them at the foot of the tracks with different powers to choose: soft, medium and/or strong for the bravest.

If you are a competitor, we have a competition zone with inflatable obstacles.
We have been specializing in Paintball for over 11 years, to give you the best experience you can have in Mallorca.

We can offer you different games: elimination, protect the “Vip”, rabbit hunting, Fortnight, walking dead, etc.

The field of play has been chosen the best field in Spain.

You can look at the following photo gallery to find out more about the playing field …

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