Stag & Hen parties

Paintballing is a great way to celebrate your last days of freedom with your mates. Friendships are formed (and renewed) under fire and there is nothing like storming a machine-gun nest together with your crew to find out who amongst them really are your mates!

Special games and costumes can be arranged for Stag and Hen parties – games that make the key people in your group the focus of the proceedings.  If we have a President to assassinate – you know who that’s going to be, and who his/her appointed bodyguards will be too!

Silly costumes also very often seem to be the order of the day.  Whilst playing paintball in a Mankini is really not to be recommended – you make the rules, and if that’s what rings your bell, well hey, let’s do it!

Paintball Fantasy has safely entertained thousands of Stag and Hen groups in almost 20 years of operation. Our highly trained and friendly marshals will tailor a day of paintball action to suit your unique needs.

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